With a passionate approach to honest cooking, Salt’s Cure proudly sources the best ingredients that California has to offer. Salt’s Cure has received praise for the philosophy behind the menu from the media and dining community alike, including being named as L.A.’s #1 Farm-to-Table Restaurant by Travel + Leisure Magazine and #4 of Conde Nast Traveler’s 23 Best Restaurants in LA 2017. Relocated to Highland Avenue in Hollywood in 2015, Chef/owner Chris Phelps remains dedicated to offering food that supports the local community, with the principle that “if it’s not humanely and consciously raised, it’s not on the plate.” Phelps is also the Chef/owner of Breakfast by Salt’s Cure, now open in the original Salt’s Cure location on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. Follow Salt’s Cure on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @saltscure.



Chef Chris Phelps has been in the kitchen since he was four years old, flipping the same griddle cakes that he’s adapted to serve at Salt’s Cure, and his latest venture Breakfast by Salt’s Cure, today. At the age of 14, Phelps began catering in Baltimore, and shortly thereafter he began baking bagels at Charm City Bagel Company. As he further developed his career in Baltimore, he had the opportunity to work side by side with Chef Mark Henry at the Oregon Grille, a position he held for five years. It was in this position that he experienced the potential to elevate food and fell in love with cooking. Phelps decided to hone his newfound passion and move to Los Angeles, where he found a position working with Suzanne Goin and David Lentz at The Hungry Cat. It was in this position that he met Zak Walters, who would later become his founding partner in Salt’s Cure, the restaurant Phelps has owned and operated for the past eight years. When Phelps is not cooking, he enjoys writing, creating music and art, and hiking with his dog Billy.