Opened in 2010 by chefs Chris Phelps and Zak Walters, every meal at Salt’s Cure proudly sources ingredients grown and raised in California, all of which are carefully butchered and crafted in house. The laid-back restaurant was designed around an open kitchen to be friendly and engaging. The chefs remain dedicated to offering honest food that supports the local community, and the principle that “if it’s not within six hours of the restaurant, it’s not on the plate”. Salt’s Cure has received praise for the philosophy behind the menu from the media and dining community alike.



Chef Chris Phelps has been in the kitchen since he was four years old, flipping the same pancakes that he’s adapted to serve at Salt’s Cure today. At the age of 14, Phelps began catering in Baltimore, and shortly thereafter he began baking bagels at Charm City Bagel Company. As he further developed his career in Baltimore, he had the opportunity to work side by side with Chef Mark Henry at the Oregon Grille, a position he held for five years. It was in this position that he experienced the potential to elevate food and fell in love with cooking. Phelps decided to hone his newfound passion and move to California. While at The Hungry Cat in Los Angeles, he met partner Zak Walters. Through the fusion of their shared philosophies on food, Salt’s Cure was created.



Prior to opening Salt’s Cure in August 2010, Chef Zak Walters had already forged his culinary path. As a high school student in Oklahoma, Walters took several bussing and dishwashing jobs to gain restaurant experience. There, he had the opportunity to work at Gaijin Sushi with Gil Gentry for two and a half years, then moved to San Francisco where he worked under Dennis Leary and Stuart Brioza at Rubicon. After earning a degree from California Culinary Academy, Walters moved to Los Angeles. While working at The Hungry Cat, he met partner Chris Phelps and the two brought their talents together to create Salt’s Cure.